Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So yesterday I was farting around on my usual sites doing my business and I got into a tiff with some guy on the site. Totally amazing how much his random comments about me bothered me. Long story short in any event, I'm deleting my account with the specific website and may boost up a few things on my others. Totally amazing how things operate some times.
I'm tired today, was tired yesterday, and the day before. I need to start getting me some more
Anyhow, other than that I think we're gonna do some crafty stuff today, and mebbe squeeze in a trip across the street for good luck. :o)
We have a play date tomorrow that's taking us to the Arboretum (where the bug thing was being held on Saturday night) so it should be interesting.
Phone calls to make today, people to reach out to.
What a rough weekend...I think this evening I'm supposed to go out with the girls. Oh boy! Any time away is better than no time away at all.

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