Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Weekend

I got my new glasses to follow later.
I updated my vox site, wow they have a lot of add-ons and such.
S'posed to have ppl over tonight, should be fun.
I've started hanging my laundry to dry outside on our back porch on two wooden hanger racks that I bought at a yard sale. Yay me for finding a new way to be a bit greener...that and we haven't ordered our dryer lint trap yet so this is a perfect opportunity. All I need to do is remember to add liquid fabric softener to my rinse cycle and I'm all good. :oD
Just picture hanging and border hanging left to do and everything is finished! I feel much more at ease knowing there isn't something pressing that needs to be done.
We have a playdate with a new group of moms tomorrow at the local park. I'm thinkin we'll walk. I hope i meet some nice new people who are sort of like-minded.
I need to get a few groceries. Fresh fruit and veggies, some eggs, butter, the usual.
We're really trying to conserve our power and water consumption.
Here's to being greener!

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