Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well I finally finished painting downstairs. Kitchen's done (except behind the refrigerator), and so is the bathroom. I just need to finish the upstairs bathroom, and a small touch up in the boys' room.
Last thing to do is to put up the borders. I tore the downstairs closet apart today looking for the damned things. Rhonda spent a lot on the ones she got for us, and I couldn't find them anyplace, so I decided the best thing to do was clean and take everything apart. I found them in the bottom of the closet eventually underneath everything.
In the process I put the shelves back up in the laundry room, and got my laundry sopas and such put away, along with cleaning the toilet and floor in there and in the hallway. The damned floor has been so dirty I'm hating walking around barefoot on it lately.
I'm so tired of unpacking, and sorting, and cleaning up again and again.
I have the fabric for the boys' curtains, took me a while last night, but I finally remembered which box it was in and dug it out. I got it ironed, and ready to go. All I need is to stick it together and toss em up on the windows.
I'm tired. Haven't been getting much sleep lately.
I'm stressed cause I just feel overworked. I need a break from the kids. Too much to do still, but I'm working my way through it slowly but surely.

On a brighter note, I bought a washer and dryer on Saturday for 50 dollars! 50 Dollars folks! I paid 40 at the local laundry mat last week to do 9 loads.
Of course we can't get them working yet because the dryer needs a new lint trap, and the washer hook up in the wall is all rusty and needs to be replaced, but I'm hoping we can get it fixed soon.

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