Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Chance!

Today is Chance's 28th Birthday. :o)
We're headed to Ashland for dinner at his favorite Chinese Buffet place...yum.
The kids and I picked him out a movie (Balls of Fury), a shirt (the super-tight exercise kind), and some no-show socks...I know, SO exciting, but I've never been one to give a flamboyant gift. No, I don't consider the Wii flamboyant...LOL

It is super HOT and super humid out, the minute you step outside you're drenched in sweat, so we ended up driving the truck to do our errands today because Ronnie's A/C in her car is broken :o(

Well, today we (Rhonda, the kids & I) swung by the new place to pick our keys for it and take a peek to see what still needed to be done, and we were shocked by the apparent lack of care in the place.
We found carpet tack sticking out around the doorways, a light fixture pulled out and exposed from the ceiling, the dishwasher had a broken door, the appliances hadn't been cleaned under, the patio door has no latch, and can therefore not be locked (unless you put a stick in the track of course), the walls were appalling (apparently there was a spoken agreement that Chance would paint that I had NO idea about), there was no rail installed at the base of the stairs so I could install a gate, and the stove had burners that didn't plug in properly. There was a bunch more, but that's the major of it for now. Given the condition of the place there's no way we can move in this Sunday like we had planned, which required us to put both our friends and the moving truck on hold. How frustrating!
Out of the deal, we get to choose the paint color and do the painting on Tues/Wed, new carpeting, and a new dishwasher.
I also made an appointment (how stupid, that I have to do that) to get D enrolled in School for Wednesday at 9am.
I'm sort of glad we have more time now because we still need to find a washer and a dryer or we'll be hitting the laundry mat, and I hate the difficulty of that with two kids (It's no fun lugging baskets full of stuff with two kids in tow). But, I guess if it needs to be done, I can manage :o)

We got a bunch of big boxes from the school today (for some reason we haven't been able to find any ANYplace), thanks to Don for that.

Tomorrow night we're having another UFC night along with a small party for Chance for his birthday. The house is a pig-sty and has been since we started packing. I gotta clean some.

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