Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh My Glory

That took forever...when doesn't it, right?
We moved on the 17th? Feels like forever ago now.
We've all been moving, packing, un-packing, and hauling things up and down the stairs for ages now. We're all capable of coming out of this with buns and abs of steel. Holy Cow.
First, the place wasn't clean, in any way shape or form. We got new flooring, so while they're at it they mess the entire house again which makes it all need cleaning. Then we start moving stuff in after the major parts are painted (I still hafta do both bathrooms and a bit of a hallway), and realize...Hey, the electrical in the place barely works. We're getting most of the outlets replaced because only a couple work.
I'm tired...exhausted, of moving, and I'm sure Don & Rhonda are too.
It's easy when you're tired to slip into those moods...I feel like I'm going to be poor and needy forever. I feel like we'll always need help, that we'll never get past that. And I feel like I'm now obligated to make something of my life, and those of my children's now that we're in this deep. Like there's no control on my part.
Hopefully all of that will pass.
All I can keep saying to myself, because I dare not say it out loud, because it's really just not something helpful to say, is "I TOLD YOU SO". This is exactly what I predicted, and though it's not nearly so bad as I imagined it, it's still fairly intolerable.
We're such novices at moving, we actually believed everyone when they said they'd help us. Of course, those were just words, as we chose an off-day to move and everyone was busy.
We didn't hardly pack anything, which is another sure sign that we're just not that used to moving.
We missed a lot of major meltdowns by the kids, and slipped through with only a few to show.
Darius is in day-camp for this week, which is helping with the transition of unpacking and sorting.
I feel like I'll be unpacking forever.
I need to finish packing, and making curtains for the upstairs rooms...I need to call that bastard who's holding my serger hostage.
I am sorry to report that my money for this month (Child Tax) was blown away to smithereens with really not a whole lot of important stuff to show for it. I did order new glasses (250 bux later) and have only paid for half so far.
There's lots of little things I want to blog about, but those will come as I catch up on blogging, now that our internet & phone are working (Thanks SO much to Don for all his hard work in that area).
Life goes on.

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Anonymous said...

It only seems like you'll be poor and needy for the rest of your does and WILL get better and easier. Just hang in there :)