Friday, June 13, 2008

ahem ahem

We had to show the house today. Bauer Management (our realty company who manages our rental property) called us last night to arrange a showing for today. Two separate people showed up at 10 & 10:30 am to look at the place and I had to turn them away because it was arranged for 7pm this evening, and the house was still a mess.
So, I spent my day cleaning like a woman possessed. I got the downstairs as clean as I possibly could (considering I started at 2pm eep), and did the laundry while I was at it. At 4 we showered and dressed, and by 6 we headed over to Don & Rhonda's for dinner.
It stormed again today, so D wanted to go over there because he thought it was safer.
Anyhow...I was stressing because I didn't like the thought of strangers rooting through my house, peekin in closets and cupboards and such. I freak out and clean religiously when FRIENDS are coming over, so you can imagine how overboard I went for STRANGERS.
Anyhow, Chance stayed behind to help me feel better about them being in the house, and I guess he did a real good job showing it to the people (which doesn't surprise me). Once he gets interested in something (in this case our house) he does everything he can to find every little scrap of information about it, and he proceeded to pass it off to the people while the Real Estate Lady was speaking to another couple who had shown up to look at the place.
That does me proud, that his knowledge (that I sometimes think is pointless facts) turned out to be very useful.
Anyhow...when he mentioned that the place would be "a lot cleaner" when we left, the lady who was looking said "Cleaner, this place is immaculate".
Ahem ahem...*pats self on back*
Yep, I'm just that good.

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I bet the house is awesomely clean now. I love a clean house. It makes me feel so good. Hehe.