Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our computer is swamped with viruses. I keep getting pop up windows with advertisements for Omax, Wall Street something or other, and a couple of other non-memorial places. It's annoying.
I took us shopping yesterday, as someone mentioned that Hunter may need some new clothes. I sorted through what he had as I was doing the laundry...tossing out what was too small, and (I also got rid of a bunch of toys) figuring out what was left behind. So, once the money was put into the bank, I got ready in the morning and we were outta here.
I've been saying for a while now we need a gate for upstairs like the one we have at the foot of the stairs, and never get around to buying one. So, that's what we did yesterday. We went up north of here (only about a 30-40 minute drive) to go to the store that sold the particular gate that we wanted. I spent 153 bux in that store...but we all got a little something. I got a new pair of shoes for 6 dollar, Darius got a new pair of "casual" (Chance uses this word so often when referring to apparel for D it really grates my nerves and makes my eyes twitch) shoes for Darius, Hunter got a bunch of socks, and Chance got a new hat that came with a new t-shirt.
Don't ask me how it added up to 153, cause I couldn't tell ya.
On our way back, there was a Goodwill (like, the only thrift store...LOL It's comparable to Salvation Army there) that was having a "grand re-opening", so I persuaded us to stop. Chance found an ottaman with storage in it (for the toys) and a set of Left Handed Golf clubs with a carrying bag for D (amazingly enough, the perfect size).
I bought myself some new shirts (as I've gained weight, I don't really fit a whole lot of what I've got) and got Hunter some new PJ's (cleaned em out of their size 2's!). There was some kid who attatched himself to me in the store...stayed with me for 45 minutes (even though I kept asking where his mom was and that he should get back to her). I felt like Gramma...LOL I remember thinking (gosh) my Gramma's crazy cause she used to talk to random people on the street, have complete conversations with a stranger...and kids used to glue themselves to her too.
Anyhow, afterwards we went to the outlet mall where Chance works, and I bought three outfits for H in one store that apparently doesn't do so much in business that Chance covers on breaks, went to the Vanity Fair store where I got 11 (yes, that right, I said 11) new pairs of underwear. It's an underwear extravaganza! LMAO I can't even remember the last time I bought new undies...I'll hafta check my blog. I blog embarrassing information like that.
Anyhow...afterwards I hit the children's Place and bought 4 more pairs of jeans for Hunter, and a faux fur lined sweater so I can stop putting him in the annoying winter coat I bought him. On our trip yesterday I had to feed Hunter and he couldn't get his hands out of his jacket sleeves, which required me to crawl around the truck(while moving) trying to get him out of his jacket sleeves at least so he could eat. It was stupid, and it left me incredibly frustrated. So, I spent a whopping 9.95 for a new sweater/jacket thingy to appease myself. It had a hood as well, so I felt it'll do the job in the future quite nicely.
When we finally got home, we all stumbled into the door, and Chance went to get his mom so she could come and pick up her car (she was out of town for the week and loaned it to us) and in that time I removed the tags from everything (a considerable amount), tidied up and put the new stuff where it belonged, and got dinner ready to get going (along with cleaning the pots to cook them in).
It's funny, I stopped doing the dishes everyday, and let Chance do them...after three days of it, he suggested we buy paper (the bio-degradable kind of course) plates for an occasional relief from the dishes.
It's also funny that when I didn't have a computer I really missed daily blogging. Now I only blog about once a week. Hhmmm

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