Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I must say schooling has gone very smoothly. I've gotten us going pretty good, and gotten the gist of everything, but the writing portion of the curriculum.
I must admit I've been very doubtful of late.
Went shopping yesterday on, like, the only snowy day in January (LOL). Spent 95 dollars on fresh produce. Trying to prevent that scurvy and such. I go out so often now if I ever go back home, I'm gonna be missing teeth and be sprouting a woman moustache. Was rather pleased to find some fresh cherries (at least they weren't sprouting fuzzies like last time I seen them), and nectarines (the majority of them had Definately seen better days), and peaches (they looked like apricots they were so small and starting to wrinkle).
Honestly, the government is on everyone about being healthy and fit...but they charge 5 bux per package for a 1/2 bag of cherries. Nevermind, the 3 bux per pound they wanted for the nectarines and peaches.
And they don't get mandarins down here...I've gone an entire winter season trying to survive on reglar navel mandarins.
I couldn't quite tell you what's been going on in my head of late, but it's not s positive as one would hope. big surprise. Am I an optimist? Tell me honestly...I can take it. Is this how I aways think? Is ths my cycle?

Anyhow...I'm bored, and tired of not having the extra cash to go out whenever we want to...or even just to have a SAY when we go out, ya know? I am obligated to be responsible. Why? A) because my husband is not, b) because if I wasn't it could possibly be held against me c) because there just isn't enough fo rme to be unresponsible.
I wouldn't mind not being a 26 year-old mom once and a while. Even if it is for the duration of my grocery shopping trip.

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Anonymous said...

You've all had some major changes in the past few months and there will be a period of adjustment. The period of time to adjust will need to be flexible if there's other little changes going on at the same time. A possible strategy may be to set a couple goals (that are attainable)for the next couple of months and a couple goals to accomplish within this next year. When you reach one of the goals, set another goal. Gives everyone something to work toward and look forward to.