Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another week come and gone...the precursor to the entire year.
I've finally gotten everything together for Hunter's shot, which we'll hopefully be able to get done this week. It was incredibly frustrating last week when we went to get them done originally. We waited for an hour in a line-up in the hallway of an office waiting for a nurse to flag us in, and then another 45 minutes while she entered our information into her computer. With both kids. It was embarrassing the way she asked for a card for Hunter and Darius (insurance) and when I could only produce one, and another outdated one, she looked at me and said "Who am I supposed to bill??" Like she couldn't give them their shots without someone getting a bill for it. I just said, there's not much I can do for you as this is all they've given me. She told me to call them and ask for a replacement card next time. It was all very frustrating, and in it's own way humiliating. Made to wait in a Line-up with no chairs for children or mother's carrying their child in a cramped hallway that was fairly busy...and then have them grill you and look down their nose at you as they read you personal information out loud to you (but enough so everyone can hear). At one point she actually asked me what one specific immunization that Darius had received, and that they didn't recognize it. I mean, what did she expect me to say ? Oh, they were just kidding, he didn't actually have it??
I'm hoping this one will go over better.
Did I mention they only have a two hour limit in which they accept people for immunizations? (That goes for babies/children AND seniors)
In any event, I can now brace myself for this week's, cause I'm sure it's going to be a fiasco.

Took the boys out yesterday, as Chance had to spend his day on the phone with various ppl. We went and bought a new phone, and a few other things that were needed around the house. We spent a grand total of 6 hours out and about together. We only went to three stores, but it was still a lot of fun, cause we took our time and were patient. They both even napped in the truck while I got to eat my lunch.
I got myself a new purse, which I really like cause it's a heckuva lot smaller than the current one I've got...which means I'm mommy-ing up. No more room for spare toys, or diapers, or wallets in my new purse, everyone will just have to find their own way.
I've discovered I'm back up to a size 14...*sigh* I had wanted to lose weight this year (the aim was 120-25 by June...5lbs per month) but it's just not going over very well because I'm just not willing to fork over my effort. So while I was out, I was going crazy on the stretchy clothing I was looking at for myself.
I mailed out Valentine's Cards for everyone...
Been keeping myself busy I suppose...haven't been chatting on the phone as much these days.
Am coming around slowly, but surly.

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