Saturday, January 05, 2008

I think I'm doing ok.
We've gotten the hang of the classes now, and I'm trying my hardest to catch us up without missing information that is vital.
Got our stuff set up in our "office/study" (where our old bedroom was until we moved it upstairs). We've shifted the house around a bit since we've moved in and now our two bedrooms upstairs are bedrooms for the family, and downstairs is seperate from that.
Did I mention D got a fish (another Betta) and called it Scandy (short for Scandia)?
Anyhow, we've gotten on track with basic chores for D, his school schedual is going ok, and he knows his daily routine items that need to be accomplished to do privelaged things.
We got D's glasses in and I've posted pics of them on Flickr.
Not much else to report...I'm feeling unsettled again.
I feel like it's all against me, like I'm being used. I wonder if this is my own warped perception, or if it really is this way. There's a million things running through my mind that are raising red flags, and I just don't like seeing them.

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Nietha said...

Sent you and the boys a little something each, hopefully it arrives this week!