Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wish Lists

They seem to get earlier and earlier each year...hmm...

-skateboard (with pads would be preferrable)
-a Marble Tower from Discovery Toys (He's been asking for one of these since last Christmas, and I just now found one)
-Hat, scarf, and mitts
-Shoes in a child size 9 (Running shoes are most needed right now)
-A Gameboy Advance (this is cool cause it also hooks up to the Gamecube)
-Costumes : Pirate, Cowboy, Astronaut, Indian
-Movie Passes

-clothing in 9&12 months
-Baby Einstein toys
-Teething rings
-Gift Certificates for Wal-Mart (for diapers, wipes and such)
-Blank Audio cassette tapes to begin some vocal recordings

-Gift Certificates for Wal Mart (for picture print outs)
-Barenaked Ladies tickets
-A Gift Certificate for New Image Salon & Day Spa
-Pretty Earrings (I've realized I've had my ears pierced for 4 yrs and have no really pretty earrings)
-Fabric of your choice (I would like a collection from different places) at least 2meters worth
-Movie Passes
-A Gamecube game easy enough for me to play :o)
-1 year subscription for any Canadian parenting-style magazine, or Canadian Living (they have good recipes)
-1 year subscription to BC Mag
-4 month subscription to the Kelowna Daily Courier
-Derailed, Finding Neverland, Spanglish, Mirror Mask
-Weird Al's Newest

That's All I can think of offhand

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lists...What about Chance?