Monday, September 04, 2006

Counting Down

holy hannah!
Plan plan plan plan plan plan plan.
I spent my morning writing down directions for different places today. Made a copy for mom, and a copy for me, so my hand is kinda sore.
hunter is super gassy today and refuses to get a good sleep in.
D is rowdy as all hell, and I feel like my mind has taken a leave of absence.
Never mind all the extra planning I'm doing for Gramma, and keeping track of who's going where!
I can't even begin to imagine how Kirsty and Will feel! I feel stressed and it's not even my wedding!
I guess I only feel stressed cause I know we're in a different hotel from everyone, and that D is in the wedding and I want it to go smoothly. Not to mention the fact that it's H's first majour road trip, and I'm worried about his back.

I still needs gifts for Will and Kritsy, and Pokie.
I'm aiming to be thoughtful this year.

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