Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Well, after all the worry this weekend was one helluva whopper. Other than the wedding, not entirely certain it was worth it. All the trouble we went through with the kids, and the different things that needed to be accomplished, it was really tough.
We had a long drive out there cause we did an over-nighter, but seeing the Jasper area during sunrise was truly spectacular and we managed to see a lot of wildlife.
I swear, if I hadn't known we were in Northern Alberta I would've thought I was magically transported to Ohio.
Our hotel was nice, and once we checked in we had enough time to shower and re-humanize ourselves before heading to the rehearsal and set up for the wedding. I really enjoyed helping decorate cause we used quite a bit of stuff from my emergency kit to build some decorations.
The wedding was beautiful, and I was very impressed that they managed a perfect ceremony after all their hard work.
D ended up getting blisters on his heels cause the shoes he was wearing were too tight. :o(
We went back to our hotel in the period between the ceremony and the reception and ended up having Niamh with us to go swimming in the hotel pool (which had two waterslides, a hot tub, and a small wading pool just perfect for D plus a regular swimming pool) and Gramma was nice and watched Hunter while we swam.
We went back to the Hall for the reception, but ended up leaving soon after dinner cause D was acting up so much from being tired. Got them back to the hotel and to sleep, and went to mom's hotel to visit with ppl some more before they left in the morning.
The next morning we got stuck with Niamh when we went to the Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall which actually worked out quite nicely because she was our companion (whomever had their turn to slide) to ride the slides with, so was nice. D was a bit difficult to get sliding, but he did eventually and had a blast! Hunter was magnificent and basically slept the entire time we were there.
The shit that went on afterwards was what pissed me off. Apparently everyone decided to stay at their hotel (without informing me) after telling us we were all gonna stay at Martin's. So, after not having any way to contact ANYone we drove all the way to North Edmonton to Matrin's house, only to find that no one was there except the roommate who had no idea of our plans, but kindly pointed us back to the Hotel where everyone else was at. So, with all of us in the tiny vehicle of mine (without dinner & after 8pm by this time) we drove back to the south side of Edmonton and managed to snag a room at their hotel. Which I must say was more expensive, not near as nice, and had a bigger deposit on it.
That really pissed me off. I feel like we got taken advantage of. people know how ti dial a phone number. You knew where we were, you could've paged us to let us know what was going on instead of fucking us over like that.
I love my cousin Niamh, but sometimes I feel like we're always getting stuck with her whenever we're in the vicinity because we always go do the family things, but no one else feels like it, so she comes with us. It's not that she's a nuisance or anything (well, she is when I have to fork out money from my budget which is over as it is), but if she's out there for a specific reason (like the wedding and to see her dad) should she not be spending time doing that thing or with that person?
Well, anyways, we had breakfast with Will and Kristy the next morning (and we were the first ones there amazingly enough) and everyone else (Gramma, Ralph, Robert, Martin, Niamh) and Robert was nice and paid for it. Them W&K headed home, everyone else went to drive Martin home, and we went to a wonderful store called the Dollarama!! Everything in the store was $1. I was very impressed, and spent 63 dollars. :o)
Took us forever to get home, but the kids did better than I thought they would, and I did more driving on the way home.
D got the Wizard of Oz on DVD for a thank you gift, which he watched twice on the way home.
Now that I'm home, I've uploaded all the pictures to the comp, and unpacked my suitcases, and sorted all clothing, and am now in the proccess of putting away the clean laundry that I left here to begin with. *sighs*
All in all, I guess it was a neat experience.
So much to do...blah. Back to reality.

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Anonymous said...

Family shindigs (like weddings...reunions...) are nice in theory and in anticipation, but it seems they can end up a disappointment when we're in the midst of them...and then magically bring tears to our eyes when we're picking up the pieces later and reminiscing about the occasion. Sounds like you all had a pretty good time anyway...LOVE the photos! Your composition are very interesting, especially with color contrasts...