Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dreary Days

So, we're closing out the week again already, sheepers. How fast time is flying...already to the end of September almost. One more wednesday left (yes, last wednesday of the month shopping here I come) and then we're into October...jeez, I guess we had better start our birthday party planning now if we expect anyone to show...not that they would cause, you know, parties at our house that are planned just don't work out, no matter how much advance you give everyone.
Chance's friend gave us a printer, and even though I downloaded the driver online (yes I knew as much) I can't seem to get it to work. Apparently we have another virus on our comp cause I can't seem to get our computer to get any programs to download. I tried d/l-ing AVG but it gets stuck at 24%, and when I go to install my printer driver it freezes the whole comp, and I can't do anything, but when i reboot it won't let me finish installing, and won't print.
I'm sick of our computer now.

I made some pretty yummy spaghetti the other night, and I decided to toss in some extra hot garlic that mum and kimmie had bought, and also used some hot peppers that kimmie had grown this summer, and scraped the seeds out with my nails. Bad idea...they didn't burn, but after trying to eat some sunflower seeds I found that the spicy taste stuck around. After I tried to get the spitz out from under my nails, man did they start burnin. I tried a lot of things to get the spicy flavour out (I was afraid the oils would rub off on Hunter in the midst of a diaper change) but nothing seemed to work. Oh well, guess I just need to work it off, slowlu but surely.

I kind of re-arranged the house a bit, pulled out the ole playpen cause I was tired of doing diaper changes on the couch and being afraid of staining them. Hunter barely fits in the changer, too long.

Hunter is so close to giggling... :o)
It's been nothing but rainy here this last week. Dreary, and boring. Hope the sun comes out soon, I love the sun in the fall.

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Anonymous said...

try soaking your hands in vinegar (white or cider vinegar) to neutralize the pepper oil on your hands. will also soften them by neutralizing skin's pH level.