Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jersey Cow

Well, back online again finally.
I just didn't have time this week to phone's amazing how hectic and busy life can be when you've got two kids, and a husband to be looking out for.
We're slowly getting back into a regular schedual, or a semblance of one. It's quieted down a whole lot, and we're trying to get used to functioning with an extra body to load around.
It's been kind of up and down with how I'm feeling, not really overly happy, and not really down in the dumps. I do know for certain that I don't function well without air conditioning.
I was hoping to have D into summer programs at the Y starting this week, but we missed out on that cause we weren't prioritizing it (unfortunately) but we couldn't get him in and now he doesn't start until next week.
We got a new camera, it's real nice, and I really enjoy it. It's got a 10x optical zoom (which makes for wonderfully clear photos from a fair distance away) and lots of features that I haven't even discovered yet. I still need to read the manual yet...I'll get round to it soon I suppose.
I'm planning on getting all the birth photos that I have printed's just a matter of getting them all into the same place.
So much went on this week that I'm just not up to blogging about all of'd take too long.
Hunter is doing well, has full use of his arm, and has gained weight steadily since his birth. He's a little ham with an adorable smile (just like D's, even the dimples). He enjoyes cuddles, and laying on your chest, is a night owl, and doesn't like having his diaper changed. He squeaks, and chuffs, and wails...there's really no in between yet. He's got inky dark eyes that even in the decent light you can't see his pupils in. His back is so hairy it might as well be a patch of fur, and his ears are pointy, not rounded like D's. He also doesn't mind loud noises...we can basically do anything around him, and it won't startle or wake him if he's sleeping.
We took D and Hunter to the movies lastnight, went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and Hunter only woke up once to nurse, and only did a minor howl before I got hold of him.
Anyhow...I guess that's all for updating for now, it's feeding time again. :oP
just call me Jersey.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are getting back to "normal." As for your mood going up and down and back and forth ~ that really doesn't stop till you're post-menopausal! Let's just hope the good days and moments win out over the not so good ones...children sure have a knack for putting a smile back in the heart...