Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dog days of Summer

So, here we are, in th emiddle of the week.
Hunter is now one month old, and weighs in at 12 lbs, as told to me by the midwife today.
it's been busy this last week, as you can tell by my amount of blogging. Life seems to be moving faster with two kids. Hmmm.
We went to the beach on the weekend...and was very nice. Chance got burnt, D got heat exhaustion, and I was heat exhausted too. Next time we'll smarten up. This week D had T-ball for classes, and we've decided to cancel them as well (we cancelled last weeks Sport N Swim classes cause the instructor was incompetent) because it just isn't working with our busy schedual...not enough time for a nap after all our appointments in town and dinnertime and all. Hopefully next weeks classes will go over well, and hopefully they'll have a competent instructor.
Tommorow Hunter has a hearing test downtown (not needed, but just cause they offered it), and am planning on hitting a couple of thrift stores. Lori has been an absolute godsend with doing a saving my sanity stint. I'm so happy to have a friend this time around that I can relate to. I like her upstairs neighbours as well, they're a lot like Chance and I, and I can appreciate that as well.
Today there was a potluck picnic at the midwife's clinic, which I enjoyed cause there were lots of other babies around, and I could relate to other women there as well. It amazed me that there were so many different types of people who all had one thing in common.
I spent the evening at Lori's, and Chance went to guys night, while Elsie came to sit for us. I got a touch upset with Chance because he told her we'd be back by a certain time and we were hours late. Needed the "respect" talk...the one where he needs to bestow her the same respect when she sits for us, as he does me because during those times she's got the label of caregiver. Guess he never thought of it that way, so hopefully he won't be doing anything like that again because I really enjoy nights out like tonight.
We're sposed to be going to Gramma's this kinda looking foreward to it, but kinda not. I'm not into the negativity or Gramma barkin at the kids, and Chance...but am looking foreward to being in a comfy place. I'm hoping it won't get so hot.
We finally bought a dresser for Hunter yesterday, so I'm hoping to be able to clean out the living room of Hunter paraphenalia soon.
I feel so disorganized.
During the course of the day I only have so much energy...I can either clean the house, or cook dinner, but I can't do both. Especially not when we have different appointments during the day.
Have been getting some wonderful pictures of different people, and things...and am really beginning to enjoy our new camera.
Chance took me shopping at the mall yesterday, and I bought a new pair of shoes and a new bathing suit. I'm very happy with both purchases, but regret spending so much on them. Knowing me I'll definately make them last though. :o)
Am beginning to appreciate air conditioning.

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Anonymous said...

We lived at Ft. Knox when Chance was born...very hot and humid. Was told to give water every 30 minutes 'cause the smaller they are, the quicker they can dehydrate. He chugged it down, especially when we were on car trips up to Ohio. Of course we had more diapers to change, but sure appreciated the saying..."an ounce of prevention..."
Glad to hear you've met more mommies. And soon enough, you'll get a routine down. Love the picture!