Monday, July 10, 2006

The Beat Goes On

Well another week is starting...Hunter is now 2 weeks old. Holy did that time just fly on by.
It was like I blinked and suddenly the weekend came and went, and I blinked again and the weekend came and went again.
Chance bought D a new wading pool with a ring toss attatchment yesterday...what a relief, D can finally play with something outside and stay out of trouble.
Though I've been finding myself able to play with D a little bit more and more, I'm still rather tired, and struggle to give him the same amount of attention I did pre-Hunter. I'm trying to re-organize our room to get a small dresser in for Hunter cause I'm tired of toting his clothes around in a hamper...
Oy...D has been testing the last few days. Nearly enough to drive one bonkers, thank goodness everyone's here, or I'd go nuts. As it is his testing is frustrating everyone. Though we do give him his one on one time, apparently it just isn't enough. For some reason, everyone seems to be as tired as I am.
Am trying to keep up to date on the arrands that I need to accomplish...
Need to apply for CCTB and GST, send out the forms for Hunter's Birth Certificate, get his SIN #, pay Ford, and Citi Financial, pay storage and transfer the stuff out of it, and put stuff into it, move the futon chair down to Lori's, finish running her last load of stuff to her place as well...
So many "official" things that I need to accomplish, and yet, I'm housebound. Grrr.
I hate Cabin Fever.
It's almost like I can't explain myself clearly to Chance, or that he's not grasping the concept of Cabin Fever, cause he's still wanting to run around by himself. Well, he's offering but sometimes it just can't happen conveniently. Trucking two kids around is a lot tougher than hauling around just one.
I'm sick of shopping, and I can't visit Lori everyday of the week...what else is there to do?
here's to finding that comfortable rythem to my life.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, I remember that I didn't want to go anywhere after Chance was born...I was tired and figured if people wanted to see me or the baby, they could come visit (didn't have much in the way of extra money either - military didn't pay much back then.) I do still remember the feeling of being constantly tired and wondering if I would ever feel "rested" again...