Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It's funny, I was thinking about it today. Relationship comes from the root word relation. What's the point of having one with someone you can't relate to?

"My mind has been wandering all day,
can't seem to concentrate.
Flashbacks to days long gone,
memories that no one can alleviate.
Happiness will be as new life comes forth,
all we need is a spark.
Condemnation throughout life,
if only the mind could see.
Stolen thoughts,
and the forgery will be.
The light shines down upon the petals,
as we tiptoe over shells.
Losing those who hear the beat,
Cloaking you intentions under the heat.
Colour the skies with big bright scars,
sear the dark with your dazzling stars.
Walk the line accross each day,
How much time can we waste away?
Carry the load against the tide,
I still remember our innocence died.
Carefree about the world,
Savages beat me along your path."

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