Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dawn of the Day

Gosh. I stayed up till 2am lastnight trying to get D's cake done. Here I am now, got up at about 8:30 or so, and have been on the go ever since. Working on getting everything together for D's birthday party which we're having today. Spent a whole heckuva lot more than I should've on this party, but I'm hoping it's gonna be lots of fun for Darius. Having veggi and fruit platters. Strawberries, grapes and oranges, and celery, carrots and peppers. Also have an angel foodcake (which i only make on special occasions), and a special diabetic cake that devon can eat, depending on if he comes. mary called already and said that she got a call from Ron saying Devon wasn't feeling well.
So, lastnight was hectic, worked, came home, cashed my cheque, went to Peachland (waste of gas cause the place we went to wasn't even open), came back and went to the dollar store for party supplies, then went to Extra, came home, discovered Tyler came (yay), and had dinner, then got dragged out to go bowling. Darius took my place on the bowling roster, got a 63 score for ten pin, with 2 strikes! Tyler decided to stay the night, so I'm appreciating spending time with him, and am glad he decided to come for the party.
We spent in the area of an hour blowing up baloons for the party, went overboard and bought, like, 6 or 7 packs of them.
Well, I guess that's enough time wasted on this thing, time to get back to business getting everything ready.

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