Monday, December 27, 2004

All is said and done

Yup...Christmas has finally passed. Just waiting on New Years now.
Yup, so Gramma and Robert left this morning.
We convinced Martin and Robert to come sledding with us lastnight, even though it was in the dark. Was lots of fun, but, boy do those men have a strange way of having fun. *let's see who can get the biggest bruise from doing the stupidest thing*
Yeah, Darius and I went down together from a mild hill, and Darius just loved it.
Christmas Eve was good, but it took us 2 hours to open all the gifts that were under the tree. Gifts, by the way, were stacked almost as high as the tree itself. Makes sense, we had 10 ppl here for Christmas Eve.
I stuffed and cleaned the turkey for Christmas dinner the next day, and it was almost enough to make me wanna go vegan.
Our room is a mess, and I am conceding that it will be this way for a very long time.
I go back to work tommorow.
Candice bought the household a Gamecube, I got a foot spa and a vehicle vacuum, Chance got an electric razor, toothbrush and Nose/ear hair trimmer.
Went shopping yesterday...yup, s'right, I went out in the Boxing Day masses and lived to tell the tale. I bought slippers, new boots for myself, new boots for Darius, some baby bath stuff, a couple of relaxation cd's for .88 each, and "Someone Like You" on DVD for 7.88. I think I robbed em dry.
Am going to have to plan a trip to Gramma and Ralph's soon because their washer isn't working, and they are currently doing their wash by hand. Their dryer is still working, so I guess that's a plus. In any event, Chance and I had planned on loaning our washer/dryer to them until we can buy them a new/used washer at least.
Gosh I sure do love gramma cooking.

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