Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tsk Tsk

Well, was an eventful day yesterday. Took a nice long drive...we were in the truck for, roughly 5 hours or so yesterday. How exhausting.
Bachalours...*shakes head*
Nuff said on that subject.
Got here, ordered dinner, ate, then watched pokie play games all night, tried to watch a movie, put my hair in curlers, then went to sleep. Chance was nice and put baby to sleep.
He drove most of the way here, up to the Toll Booth before he asked me to drive because he was too tired. He was so excited about coming down to the coast that he didn't go to sleep at all the night before...sooooo...yeah.
Slept with Darius on a foamy gramma and ralph borrowed from Danielle and Niamh, Gramma and Ralph slept in pokie's bed, pokie and chance slept on the couch.
Wasn't bad, sure was comfy.
I've got a rash on my hand from washing my hands too much at work. Tried counting how many times I washed, and lost count after thirty. S'not so bad today, more itchy than anything, but doesn't sting like it hast the last week.
Went to Value Village earlier cause Chance was embaressed by D's screams whilst I was trying to get him to nap...he was frustrated with me (chance, not D...well, probly both) and came and butted in. So I knew better than to hang around and let everyone see me stew, so I took off. Decided to be constructive and try to find a thrift store, and managed to find my way to a Value Village. I'm very proud of myself...I remembered where it was. Spent about 65 bux. I bought a coffee pot which came with filters, some plates, towels for when we come to visit cause they don't really have a whole lot of extras, and some festive hand/dish towels, a new bathing suit, a D outfit, and a coupla pots. Plus a couple of paperback books, 2 for gramma to read, and one for myself.
Then I headed to the grocery store that was right next to it...bought some coffee, bread, sandwhich meat, and chips.
Phew...try carrying all that in in one load. Ouch.
As I was on my way to the door bumped into gramma and ralph, and they told me D still hadn't gone to sleep. *insert I told you so any time now* So, I buzzed up, and unloaded my treasures. Put everything away, and got D to sleep in about five minutes.
Now...I'm spending more money than I ought to...cause I still wanna take D to NEwton Wave pool I guess I had better get hustling on findind a number to call for pool scheduals.
It's 12 fricken degrees outside right the literal middle of December...

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