Sunday, December 19, 2004

Adventures Adventures

Yes, I like using double words in my titles.
Went on an adventure yesterday to pick up Wayne, I'm rather proud I drove quite well.
He brought over his X-Box and small tv. We hooked both together and had some Halo fun. I'm also proud that I'm pretty good at Halo for only being a newbie. I guess I need to admit here that I enjoy killing people...but I sometimes catch myself trying to nod my head to change the view on my screen. So I plyed with them for a good couple of hours, and had some fun. Then I came and put Darius to sleep, but fell asleep myself in the proccess. Felt kinda bad for stealing gramma and ralph's bed.
I slept in this morning...didn't get up until quarter to 10. I still feel kinda groggy, which I guess is why I knew I shouldn'tve slept in.
Anywho...I need a shower. Sposed to go tot Bill and Lorraines today at 2. Am curious if I should bring anything with me. We'll see.
D's Christmas cards are a hit so far. :o]
He loves his Uncle Wayne.

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