Sunday, January 16, 2005

New Year...New job?

Well, been trying to muster the nerve to tell Sylvia that I want to quit...haven't been able to yet.
Took this last week off. Went to Gramma's to drop off a washer and dryer for them, and when we got back, I just phoned in, the last day I worked was Sunday (9th) and just went back Saturday (15th). *sighs* Back to regular hours...full week with two days off but still split up.
Seen a really interesting job posting for a Hotel/Motor Inn manager in Dease Lake, BC. 3-4000 per month plus bonuses and benefits. I'm very intregued (sp?). Would be nice to go up and check it out...but it's 1061 miles away from kelowna, and what looks on the map as a short drive to Juno Alaska. Way up there, but I see it as an opportunity to bank some big money. Emailed the ppl asking more details, so we shall see what pans out of it.
*daydreams of having an extremely high paying job with benefits*
As much as we've researched it in this little time, I haven't seen much about it...700 POP, with some pretty chilly temps. I could deal with the temps I suppose, but how boring would it be?
No real reson why I want to quit my job...just the fact that a) It's not what I want to do with the rest of my life, and b) I'm ready to move on. I am feeling very unsettled, and antsy. Itching to move on with my life.
Took some decent pictures with Darius and myselff. When I seen that through all the pictures we took over X-mas and New Years there wasn't one decent one with Darius and myself, or Darius, Chance and I.
Am getting ready to send off a box to Chance's mom with some D art and other misc. stuff that he's done.
The cold temperatures are rather interesting, I don't ever remember it being this cold in Kelowna before...but my memory really isn't that reliable.

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