Sunday, July 25, 2004

Brag Time

So, with this cleaning job of mine...been working there for...I think almost two months now.
I had mom and Chance help me clean a place once...and I was SO hoping they would appreciate (not that they SHOULD or anything) what I do for an 8 hour time period in a day.  I could be classified as a labourer man.
Since starting with "Ginger's Girls" (what a mouthful to say to a ne client..."Hi, I'm amber, I'm with Ginger's Girls Cleaning Company"...say THAT five times fast), I've since been recognized as their most experienced cleaner.  I'm fairly proud of that, but it occured to me, that I haven't even been cleaning for a full year.  And I'M the most experiences one they have...?  Makes me wonder if I've learned that much, or if she just hasn't got the woman-power.
Anywho...I was all happy mid June because I thought I had negotiated myself a 1.50/hr raise so I could start training girls, but as it turned out, the cheap wench will only pay me that wage "when" I train.  F***  I should've known.
In any event, I've made myself a few good friends since starting with them, and am happy with this.  Though most of my co-workers are at least twice my age, we've become rather close, and I'd like to think that they're going to stay that way.
They call me "The Cleaning Guru" and are exstatic whenever I show on site, because they claim it's like having two extra girls.  I personally don't see myself as being fast, but I do pride myself on my thouroness. (sp?)

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