Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Staying Home

So much floating round my mind these days it's hard to keep track of thoughts & dreams. Dreams are quite strange these days too. Which, I guess, means my brain is trying to sort all these thoughts out. I'm doing my best to avoid store-christmas shopping this year, and am keeping it to online purchases mostly. Not only is there more variety, but I feel it's saving me from impulse purchases that could wrack my bill up past my budgeted amount. I'm not buying for extended family, or even close family. I'm actually only planning on shopping for my household. We're not travelling for Christmas this year, but keeping to our own home & area. We will, however, be travelling for New Years. After I've settled down on those plans, I feel quite at ease with this holiday season, and much less stressed about it all. I'm not doing a big Christmas dinner, but something small and nice that will be compiled of all of our favorite foods, not just a traditional spread. This year, I'm making it about us. I'm working on small breakthroughs with my therapist. Small steps to acknowledge all that I've survived this past year. Lots to think about, and I'm glad I can manage it whilst we hustle & bustle our way through everyday life. I just need to remind myself to stop and ask for a hug every now and then.

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Osbasso said...

You're always welcome to ask for a hug from me!

Good to see hear that you're not letting the holidays get too big and stressful, too!