Thursday, July 01, 2010

Only Me

What a day!
I was bogged down by a severe bout of lazy.
When we finally got up and about, we took the kids to the McDonalds Playplace, and then to the grocery store. In between Ihad popped into the bank to withdrawl cash.
Our first night in the new house, I was swindled. By a most extreme tyrant.
I made a deal with D, that if he went around the yard and gathered all of the rocks that could possibly damage a lawn mower and place them in an inconspicuous place out of the way, that i would pay him $1 per bucket. About an hour and a half later he comes into the house and proclaims triumphantly that i owe him a grand total of $31. I didn't believe him, so I asked him to show me the pile of rocks he had collected, and sure enough, it was a significantly large pile.
Anyhow, I hit the bank machine to withdraw the money I needed to pay him, and give Mr some extra to take him accross town to the local arcade/mini golf place.
After all was said and done, we decided to go out again, to the fair...requiring another stop at the bank machine for me. Ugh, I despise places that deal in cash only. I popped in, put my bank card in, made my transaction, and when the screen said "Please remove your card" the machine only went click, click, click, click, click (by now I'm leaning closer to look into the slot) click, click..."TRANSACTION INCOMPLETE, MACHINE IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF ORDER, PLEASE CONTACT A BANK REPRESENTATIVE"
I let loose a very impressive string of expletives that would've curdled the ears of the faint of heart. Thankfully I was in the bank lobby alone.
I placed a call to the bank's 1-800 #, and the lady on the other end apologized for the inconvenience, and gave me the peace of mind of a cancelled card. She told me to go into the branch tomorrow to order a temporary replacement card until a regular one could be mailed to me...again. This'll be the second replacement card I've ordered since I opened the stupid account in March.
I've seriously never heard of anyone having their bank card being swallowed by a fricken machine...ever. Figures that it would happen to me on a Stat holiday in which the bank was not open.
Anyhow, managed to email money over to another account, withdraw, and head to the fair. I paid $30 for a wristband for D, highway robbery for only a grand total of 8 fair rides to choose from. He happened to find an old friend from school there, and they were gone. Enjoying the rides together. They managed to figure out the Tilt-O-Whirls by their 4th ride, and by their last d was getting kind of queasy. He had a fantastic time though, and I think it was a well spent $30.
Am currently awaiting this evening's Fireworks, which we'll drag D to...H will remain at home asleep in his bed.
This weekend is already turning out to be full of surprises and fun. I'm so happy to be in Kelowna for a much needed reprieve.
I'll get around to taking pictures, right now I'm just enjoying the fact that I can be on the phone while I'm on the internet at the same time.
Plus, it's Super Hero weekend on the Space channel!
Hooray for city life! Hooray for family!


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Osbasso said...

Sounds like a fun Canada Day!

Sucks about the bank card though...ugh!

Hope you have a great weekend!