Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's A Weekend!

Lots going on here, the weeks are just whizzing by. both kids have now had their turns visiting relatives by themselves, and we've had a slow going of time at home. Home is comfortable, but I'm reminded daily of what a fish-bowl place I picked for us to live. Traffic drives by minute by minute, and I get the feeling that people are watching me. I live right across the street from someone I work with at the daycare, and the daycare manager moved into a house about a block away. Always interesting to consider that we are always being watched, even if we aren't.
The boys have been busy, playing with friends, joining C on his "Just Dads" pilot program, and in general enjoying their time off from schedules & over-structure.
C took D hiking with a friend of his, and this is a picture of it. They visited Silvertip Falls in Wells Grey Park. They had a lot of fun, and D so badly wanted to adopt a toad he found on the path while they were hiking. Alas, poor Toad had to stay behind.
We've been in a constant battle here. D is pushing, very hard, for a new pet. He's desperate for something he can cuddle. He doesn't want to get a pet that he has to share with everyone in the family, but one for himself alone. It's difficult to explain to an 8 year old, the need to wait until Immigration gives us confirmation that Mr can stay in the country. I was heartbroken when my last dog was given away, and I don't want him to get attached and then be forced to give up something he loves.
The kids have settled into the new house comfortably. They enjoy all their toys, the ability to play outside without fear of some wild animal attacking, and the ability to have friends over, should they choose it.
I'm feeling rather disheartened about my job these days. While I know there's only so much I can do, I am wondering if I shouldn't be more inclined to find some different coping strategies.
I haven't taken any pictures of the new house yet. Strange, but I've almost lost any passion I once had for taking pictures. I find I hardly even glance at my camera now. Amazing, even I find that one hard to ponder.
I'm happy to have internet at home, I almost feel lost when I go back to read all my favorite blogs, because I've been absent from the majority of them since March. That's a lot of catching up, I think. Oh well, the show goes on.

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