Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tough Day

Had an exhausting day today. They asked us to tell them what the toughest questions would be for us to answer in an interview. They've given us a workbook with all of the most commonly asked questions from the area to answer and work on all week. I had one specific one that i wrote "SORE SPOT!" right next to after answering it. It was What did you do when you disagreed with a supervisor?
When I asked them to include the question and constructive ways to answer it, I had to remove myself from the class to gather myself again because I was in tears. I hadn't realized that I was still hurting enough to bring me to tears over the way I ended my last job. It was a tough thing to realize, and re-proccess. It took me the lunch break to regather myself enough to carry on. I was, however, very grateful for the support my classmates offered me, as they each thought to ask if I was going to be alright, and offered comfort in one way or another.
It's safe to say I'll be practicing this question in the mirror or on video at home until I feel comfortable enough to answer it. I think I can also say that about other questions on my tough list.
I'll be applying for a job at a company that does Professional fundraising for well known Non-Profit organization like World Vision and so on. I hope I'll be able to get an interview.
Breathing, and remembering to take a few moments to absorb and carry on. That is, of course, what life is all about.

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Certifiable said...

Good insight on your part. I"m proud of your ability to work through such a tough situation!