Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm sad.
It's been a real long 3 weeks. I finished my Work Search strategies program. It took all I had to be able to walk out without bursting into tears in front of everyone.
For the last 3 weeks I've been spending, what feels like, my entire day with a fantastic group of people. Together they were amazingly supportive, and positive, and fun. Once I settled in after the first day I got comfortable with laughing, smiling, joking, and being honest with them.
The facilitators said they haven't actually seen a group bond quite as much as we had, and I believe it.
I'm sad that that support won't be there on a daily basis, and that I need to make do with a simple weekly basis. The upside being we all exchanged cards and many of us plan on keeping in touch. Let's see how well we do with following through with it.
All in all, it was a fantastic learning experience, both personally and professionally.
I learned how to Network this week, and spoke to and exchanged information with over 26 people about various careers. I'll be honest, I dreaded this week the most. While I joined because I wanted to better my interview skills, I got the whole course in one pretty 3 week get to know yourself package. I literally cringed this past Monday when they went over our week plan. After having survived it, it really wasn't that bad.
After this week, I've gotten a phone interview with a company not far from my home that works hand in hand with fundraising for Non-Profits (my specialty), and a impromptu face to face interview with a Women's Non-Profit organization in town who were actually looking for a Fundraiser, and they dropped the hint that if I dropped my resume off, they would give serious thought to creating the position just for me. It was flattering, and uplifting, and it made me hope. I also got to speak with a person with the local United Way, and she offered to arrange an appointment with the VP of the organization here in town so I can ask him some questions.
After giving it some thought though, I know I'd love all of these things, but being the honest person I am, I'd feel bad committing to them knowing we're supposed to move north during the summer if all goes well with Mr's Immigration.
In light of being so busy, I can see why I'm in the dog house. I haven't had time for personal stuff between Mr & I. After I've done my courses for the day, dealt with dinner, and the children...I literally started just collapsing into the bed and falling off the face of the earth until my obnoxious alarm wakes me up each morning. Guess where I get to direct my attention next? Combine my classes with regular life (Baby Group, Family night, Language class, Dr's appt's etc), and you've got one jumbled, exhausting mess. Now I need to recover, before my marriage fails.

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