Thursday, January 14, 2010

Found My Reason To Smile

Starting my reading for my course tonight. Made it through 11 pages before my eyes felt like they may just fall out. I won't ask for these to be printed out cause there's 52 pages in a PDF format. I already printed out a 32 page article for my required reading. I'm perfectly content to sit at the comp and take notes for this one.
That being said...I need some new soothing music that can be my background as I do my reading and thinking. I also need some snacking tips. I'm eating Spitz right now, but if I keep snacking like this when I'm doing my studies I could be in big trouble 13 weeks from now. So, HELP ME OUT HERE PEOPLE!

I am open to any music so long as it's slow and soothing. Doesn't matter what genre, you tell me, I'll download it.
I need something to keep my hands busy while I read from my computer monitor, gimme your best idea and I'll try it out. I am your guinea pig.

After the initial shock of what I had done wore off, I'm rather pleased with myself. I am a College student. The best is that when I'm finished this course the Community Services Centre on the reserve where I live is willing to shoot me a 1 year course of my selection completely cost free. I'm really happy about that. Really proud of that. But, I may be getting ahead of myself. I need to get a good feel for how I'll do in this course before I decide to take it (is there any doubts?!).
Yes, I'm Amber, the official College Student. Someday I'll have my College Diploma in my hand.
Today that someday got one day closer to being a reality. Today that someday isn't just a maybe.
That's a great reason to smile.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Osbasso said...

Woohoo! A fantastic reason to smile!!

nwrambler said...

I have always been partial to Chopin piano concertos. I find them ALL very soothing and GREAT background music for studying.

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Certifiable said...

What a great feeling for you...I'm very proud of you and will help celebrate your accomplishments! (I'm also here when you feel overwhelmed.)

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