Friday, March 14, 2008

Well, it's been a little slow goin lately.
Hunter swallowed a penny on Wednesday, which has left me as designated poop sifter (since it happened on my watch I get to suffer the consequences) searching through each dirty diaper for a penny coming out the other side. If it doesn't come out in 5 days, or if he starts to refuse food or becomes lethargic, I'm to take him to ER for an X-Ray and probably treatment.
It's dreary rainy here today, finally warm enough for it...would've been snow otherwise (like the last few days). And I was surprised to find that our inflatable sled (as seen in pix with Hunter) has found it's way home after losing it in a wind storm because we were irresponsible enough to leave it outdoors.
Our basement is flooded and yucky...and of course, it's laundry day.
Am finding myself a bit stretched thin with 2 volunteer things going on per week, but it shouldn't take long to get used to it.
Went shopping yesterday for some new pants that fit, and found 2 now I have 4 pairs that fit properly.
Kind of a dull day here...yegh.
Am just finishing all of the St. Partick's Day letters for everyone to send out in tomorrow's mail. They'll arrive late, but at least they'll be post-marked for before St. Patrick's Day.

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