Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blizzard-Like Conditions

Well, it started snowing Friday morning, and it hasn't stopped since (well, ok, MAYbe it had 2-30 minute breaks in there someplace) We decided to venture out (after Chance called in Snow to work) to Rhonda & Don's for the day.
For some unknown reason Hunter decided to get up around 6:15 this morning, which got both Chance & I up. So, I proceeded to get on with the day...doing the dishes, folding laundry, making breakfast and so on. We had a super yummy breaky with French toast, sausage, bacon, hard boiled eggs, and fresh made strawberry glaze. Super Yum!
I have been wanting to try and make lasagna for a while now, and decided today was the day. So, I got all the ingredients together, tossed it up, and brought it over with us...and put it in the oven there.
The boys played video games/computer games alllllllllll day. I got to clean :o)
The roads were OK for a 4 wheel drive vehicle, but I wouldn'tve wanted a car in those conditions. On the way over we got stuck behind some Amish people who were moving (rough day for it) and had a big wagon (open top) loaded and a buggy (closed top) following behind. They were going slow, and it was rather scary to watch the poor horses feet bend outwards trying to get their grip in the snow. In any event, once we crossed the county line they let us pass so we could plow the way for them...which is exactly what we did. It was scary.
The roads were good on our side of the county line, but on the Wayne (Rhonda & Don's) County side were a bit frightening, and I don't even want to discuss the trip the dark, in which I had to cover my eyes and try to talk to Hunter to distract myself with.
It'll be interesting to see how much shoveling will be needed tomorrow, if any at all because all of the snow we got it light and fluffy, and the wind keeps blowing it around into big drifts (see pictures at Flickr) everyplace, including onto the roads.
In any event, am beginning to catch a glimmer as to why these people panic at the mention of snow, but I still don't see why they think the world needs to come to grinding halt with only 1 inch on the ground.
Anyhow...I've got videos, and pictures to upload...

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