Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank Goodness

So the X-rays produced no results. Either I missed the penny coming out or he never swallowed it at all.
I hate sifting through warm poop.
Spent today cleaning over at Ronnie and Don's. A nice relaxing day where it almost took me all say, but it wasn't rushed so it's all good.
Don presented us with an awesome new stroller (passed on to him by someone at work) that we're all quite happy with. It has shocks and a tray in the front with a drink holder on it, a nice big canopy, a huge under-basket, and a 2 drink holders on the it's a one hand collapsible and unfolding unit.
We've officially made plans for Darius's birthday. On the 26th (the day Chance and Rhonda get off) we're going a bit north to an indoor carnival thingy and we'll have a small cake that I'm going to buy. On the 30th at 3pm we're attempting to have a party (in a Scooby Doo theme) with a few friends.
Darius is getting a Wii that we're hopefully going to pick up tomorrow (guy says they get their shipment about 11am) but it's only the bundles :o(
For the first year ever, Darius is going to have a pinata at his over the next few days I've got some shopping to do.
Gotta get the pinata (I got the LAST Scooby Doo pinata reserved at the store), the Wii, Cake pan (pre-formed), candy and toys to fill the pinata, Either Scooby Doo tableware or plain (I haven't decided yet), items for goody-bags & goody bags to put them in. I think I ask myself the same question every year...why do I leave everything to the last minute??
I hope that this will be a memorable year for him.
It was supposed to rain heavily today, and it did for the first bit there, but then it turned to snow...again! how silly.
Rhonda took us out the other day and helped us get some fabric for some new curtains in D's room. I guess it's no surprise that after years of having darkened curtains in his room, Darius doesn't like how bright it is with lacy curtains on his windows. We got him some cute froggy cotton, to be backed with a nice soft yellow flannel, and edged with a green striped cotton. I'll take pictures when I'm finished.
I'm thinking I may tame back my Volunteer hours at the library...or at least easing into them since I haven't quite begun yet. I need to give myself time to adjust to everything...Hospice, Ice Skating, Cleaning, and soon I'll have Alterations. Busy, busy, busy. I want to make sure that I'm easing my way into it rather than dropping right into it.
Anyhow...remind me to blog about my Hospice thoughts sometime.

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