Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Serious Undertaking

Yes, I could be doing the most serious thing I've ever done...
I'm going to undertake my son's education, and begin Home Schooling him.
I'd like to say that I've always been an out of the box thinker when it comes to my parenting styles, and ideas. Unconventional pretty much sums it up for me. Or, so I'd like to think.
yes, I have two sons, but you'd better believe I encourage both masculine and femenine traits for both boys.
I like the fact that the kitchen sink is also a bath-tub, or a play pool for the boys. I like that they can get nekked and paint as much as they want. I like that they use everyday objects (like a spatula or a toothbrush) as toysI don't mind my son wearing Care Bear socks, or that his favorite colour for an entire year (quite a feat of time for a little one) was purple. I don't mind that he thinks he has pretty girl eyelashes, or that he has a wonderful flare for fashion (at least when it comes to picking out mommy's clothes for her) I love that he's so in touch with his feelings that he'll tell you specifically what you did to hurt his feelings, and the extent of that hurt. I love his flare for the dramatic, and his wonderful sense of humor. His imagination and vocabulary are amazingly deep for a 5 year old.
All of these traits I chalk up to my unconventional ways of bringing him up.
I'm unconventional because while I was raising him i wasn't interested in "How-To" manuals for children, I was interested in "Have Fun AND Teach" manuals, and even the occasional insight from a website or two. I listened to other parent's strategies, and read their strategies.
My point in all of that is I didn't just use one word as law, I used many.
Now, I'm not certain I'm ready to be responsible for the brain in my child, but honestly...what is it that I think I've been doing up until now?
At least this way I can teach my child the morals and values that I hold near and dear without worrying about him falling behind the other children, or going to fast for the other children. I can do my Volunteer work with him, and teach him just how wonderful it is to give without expectations. I can show him that it's ok to give his heart to the world, even if he doesn't get it back.
I want his capacity for that wonderous feeling to be a heckuva lot deeper than mine.
So, Friday is his last day at the school, and though I have yet to make my meeting with the Super, I may just give serious thought to writing a few letters, and letting it rest because putting my effort into him means more to me than telling them to "GO FUCK THEMSELVES" in twenty different ways wouldn't really do much good (though I'm certain it would be very satisfying).
Damn...I'm starting to sound like an adult.

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