Friday, November 02, 2007


Well well.
We started moving stuff in late Halloween Night. Got boxes and stuff loaded up from what we took accross the country into the new house on the first, and today we're supposed to get most of the big furniture from here over to there. I don't plan on sleeping there just yet though, mainly because I'd still like to clean it properly seein as they didn't do it (even though they assured us they would in the 2 weeks that they had before we took possession). It's full of old wood (the antique kind) that needs some special polishing and attention as it definately looks as if it hasn't gotten any in a long time. The walls need to be washed, and the shelving surfaces need to be done again, as well as all of the outlets. About the only thing they DID do, was wash the windows (but not their frames which are all dusty and yuck) and cleaned the light fixtures. Lazy bastards, is all I can think.
Lastnight we were sorting out which box went where, and I'm really cursing our "pare down" because random shit ends up in a box with one room's stuff and I hafta march it to it's home, wasting time. I should juts make a pil, but oh well.
I kept wonderin why Hunter had so little stuff going into his room, then it occurred to me that he's never had his own room before. So, now I get to seperate the toys of D's, and put into Hunter's room anything that he can't eat.
Anywho...tonight is the West Salem Trick-or-Treat, which we'll be taking the boys to. Hopefully it'll g smoothly.
Today D had "Career Day" at school. We tried to dress him like an Archeologist, but who knows how it turned out. I'll admit it, we left it until the last minute.
He's been complaining about some classmtes, and I'm beginning to wonder about this new school. Still have yet to phone them about the busses, but I'll do that once we plan on sleeping at the new house. Then I hsould be able to do the same thing, meet him at the school and show him where to go.
I can still count on one hand how many times I've driven the truck (and that's only cause I volunteer at the school now, that it's gone up). Sad.
There's a slight bonus least they make Pepsi the same down here.

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