Thursday, November 08, 2007

Darius is sick today...*sighs*
Lastnight we got hardly any sleep because he was so stuffed up he kept saying he couldn't breathe. So, I was propping him, blowing his nose and so on. He's feverish today, and still all stuffed up.
I'm concerned that they don't wash their hands enough in school.
Anyhow, so D is at home from school today, and I'm catering to him. Watching movies, and sent Chance to the store to do a bit of shopping and to grab some medicine for him so he can at least sleep.

Yesterday was our 6th Anniversary. Kind of odd to think that I've spent so much time with one person. Chance bought me a new ring with a very pretty yellow stone in the middle.

We we're supposed to have someone over the our new house today to do some repairs this morning, but they called to tell us they would be later than they thought they would be. Our new house is nice, and the upstairs stays very well heated once we turn it on. But there's a horrible smell, almost like something died in the vents, or that there's a horrible septic leak someplace in the house that's causing the smell. There's also a moldy spot in the master closet. When we put the first payments on it, we had to sign a notice about Lead Paint, and of course we discovered some pain peeling in a closet. I'm hoping it'll be fixed so neither of the boys get the idea to eat the chips and get Lead Poisoning.

So, this is the weekend we officially move in. We go grocery shopping and move the beds and couches and dinig set into the house, then we should be all settled.

Hopefully someone from D's class make it out to the playdate that I've arranged, though from my experience I don't hold out much hope. Usually when I plan things they never turn out and no one comes.

I wonder what I can get accomplished today...

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