Sunday, September 30, 2007

Took the day off yesterday for some Target Practice with Art & Gary. Took the family and loaded them up for a nice drive in the hills. H was out within 20 minutes of us getting on the back roads.
I took some pictures and posted them on Flickr.
I shot a can off a log first with some fancy gun that kicked back, which surprised me. I don't know much about guns, really. I don't usually even like handling them, but I felt like doing something different yesterday, so I did.
I still have 5 costumes left to make. I'm wondering if they'll do for them because when I took them in on Friday they asked if they would fit adults too, which they won't. I'm wondering how I'll manage, but I always do in the end. :o)
Friday we went to the school because it was Terry Fox Day where they had their annual Terry Fox Run with the school. Cause it was such a yucky day out (rainy and windy) they decided to hold it indoors in the gym. They organized it quite nicely. The kids all had Popsicle sticks with their names on it, and they had to run around the perimeter of the gym and each time they made one lap they had someone make a line on their stick. 30 laps is 1 mile, and D made a whopping 19 laps! That's half a mile! I was very impressed, and proud of him.
Chance took the role as participator and ran with the kids who asked to race him, and I was cheering everyone on, as well as taking pictures and handing them water when they needed it.
It was days like that that make me proud to be a Canadian. All the kids did wonderful jobs, and some of the older ones even filled both sides of their sticks all the way. It's amazing that they don't even comprehend the full impact of their support. It's amazing that they just do, without thinking of why.
In any event, I took 95 pictures and will be forwarding them to the school, as well as posting them to Flickr too.
We leave for Ohio on Wednesday...and though I'm really disappointed to be leaving home, I know that I can return whenever I want if it doesn't work out.
I'm hoping Jill can hold off on having her baby until I arrive, cause it'd be great to go to the delivery room with her. If not, at least I'll see her daughter while she's still new.
Anyhow, just uploading pictures, then I'm going backto making costumes...I'll get pictures on Tuesday when I turn them all in, and I'll have kids modelling them, hopefully.

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