Friday, September 07, 2007

Oh my...What a long week. First days of school, and new schedule, and new beginning. Tough today I called Dwayne and arranged to pick up my pay, was quite nice. I really enjoyed earning money of my own, was quite enjoyable, I must say.
Today was exhausting, and I don't know why.
Went and picked up my money, then we went to the park. Afterwards we went shopping, in town cause it was closer at the time, and got some drive through on our way home.
We missed some key popcorn, and rice milk, and a few other small things that we couldn't find in the store we're not accustomed to.
Now, since it's a Friday night, we're going to sit back and watch a movie on the computer, and enjoy some family time, if we can wrap our heads around the chaos and find it's kryptonite.
It's crazy how busy and nuts everything gets, and all frazzled on days like today. We really didn't do overly much, it just feels that way, and it's a bit overwhelming.
I'm tired, but I think I'll be ok once the movie starts.
A weekend, god what am I gonna do with D at home all day? LOL

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