Thursday, September 20, 2007


Oh my god.
So, thir morning I spent sewing the Eagle costume, and got as far as finishing the body tunic, before it was time for Baby Group. I knew that the Parent Teacher Interviews were today, and that the kids were being dismissed early from school, so I phoned the school and requested that Darius be dropped off at the Daycare as the bus usually runs there anyways. They agreed and said that that was fine, so I went on my way to Baby Group expecting Darius to arrive just before 1pm.
1pm rolled around and he wasn't there, and I was waiting for the phone line at the daycare to open up so I could phone the school and ask what was going on, when they phoned the daycare looking for me.
The secretary at the school said the bus driver arrived back at the school telling her that Darius had gotten off the bus at his regular stopped, and that another parent had said she'd take him home.
Panic had set in me at this point as I didn't know the parent's name or her address (she was an aunt of two kids D attended class with) so I hopped in the car and raced home, having a panic attack on the way wondering what has happened to my son.
I phoned mom, frantic with worry, and she said she'd meet me at home.
When I arrived home, there was a note on the door from Karen (Matt's wife from next door) that said she had Darius at her house. I raced over, and poured in the door, almost a sobbing mess. I hugged him tight for about 5 minutes with Karen offering me kleenex on the side.
She said once Darius realized that there was nobody home, he went next door to their house to see if they knew where I was.
I'm so relieved and amazed that my son knew what to do in the situation that he was presented with, and grateful that my neighbors were available to help as well.
He told Nana after she got there that if they weren't home he would've simply kept trying the neighbors houses until he found one that would keep him until I arrived.
I'm angry at the school, and at the bus driver, but mostly with myself for being lazy (I hadn't wanted to leave Baby Group early to pick up D, but wanted to stay for conveniences' sake).
The Parent Teacher Interview went well, and any and all questions I had for the teacher were answered, but tomorrow I'll need to go and have a word with the Secretary and the Bus Driver if possible.
I know I won't be foolish enough to arrange anything else in the future.
What puzzles me is that you need a written consent form for ANYone to pick up your child from the bus stops, and I'm wondering how in the hell the Lady was able to walk off with my son without authorization.
I'll be spending this evening figuring out what I want to say without being overly abrasive.

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Anonymous said...

I'm relieved everyone is safe! You've done a good job teaching safety to Dari.