Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sighs all Around

Ya know...somedays I just wish I could make my own breaks. :o]
Today was a long day with Sylvia, nothing too tough in particular, but long nonetheless.
Chance had a softball tourney today, and after I got to work, I felt completely stupid for letting him take the truck, especially since we had no way of communicating with each other.
So, I phoned mom to get her to pick me up, and then, both of them showed up when I got off.
So, I hopped in with mom, cause I still felt stupid for undermining myself, and left Chance to do his own thing and leave me be. On our way home, we realized that Devon's birthday party was today, and that his party was at 5. Damn. So, Chance is out doing who knows what sports-wise, and I'm home...and mom and kim decided to go play Bingo, but thankfully mom lent me her car.
So, we went to Extra on our way home, and bought 2 books, a t-shirt, and some fabric markers to make devon his present. Got D to do some fancy artwork on the shirt, and made him a card, and were on our way out the door. Ate dinner, then came home to get some swimming stuff, and went to the pool. about a half hour after we got there, Chance showed up...all ranting about how he tried to call me to get me to go out to Winfield cause he had taken off from the tourney's to go play with his 4x4 friends.
Can anyone ever understand how sick I am of hearing him talk about himself? I'm sorry, I don't mind hearing about how his day went and all, but he never has anything overly intelligent to say (from my point of view). I carry conversations on all day with Sylvia, about everything, and sometimes nothing, but they certainly don't all pertain to me, mostly just things that I wonder about. On that aspect, I'm grateful that I have someone I can bounce these things off of, cause whenever I mention them to Chance, he just looks at me funny, and rather than bouncing something back, he simply asks where I thought that up. No intellegent conversation.
I continuosly wonder how I came to be with someone who is so utterly self absorbed that he can't see anything of the world beyond his own nose.
God, I'm a sucker for punishment.

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