Thursday, April 28, 2005

Killing Time

Sylvia called off work for the day. *sighs* Last Thursday of the month, Salvation Army shopping day.
Decided to give my friend Cathie a call, and she agreed to come with, so it was kinda fun.
Had a killer headache this mornin, and it didn't go away until we were on our way home from shopping, I swear I could hardly see anything...and yet, mom was letting me drive. LOL
My upper wisdom tooth has been making it's presence known, and I'm thinkin I may hafta make an appointment to see if I can get it pulled. I don't want them all done at once, cause I'd rather wait to see if Chance can pick up a job with benefits, or if I can after he starts working.
Had awonderful day was easy, nothin hard there...until I went to go home. Genius husband of mine, bought himself a cb radio for when we go 4x4-ing, and the guy hwo he had hook it up for him, patched it onto a fuse in the truck. Well, guess what was dead when I went to leave from work yesterday? That's right, my battery. I ended up having to have a friend come and give me a jump start so I could get home, then Chance switched the battery with the one in the new truck. Thankfully, our neighbour has a battery charger, and we've got it plugged into the wall.
Kimmie's been hard at work lately with getting some cedars planted in the backyard, which means so has Chance.
They were nice and let me sleep in this morning though.
Darius is having a hard time getting back on track with potty training. I noticed after our first attempt (we all got lazy after going with him about 15/20 times a day), that daddy was making over-use of diapers. So, I warned everyone that when his diapers ran out, I'm not buying anymore, strictly big boy underwear from now on.
Well, Daddy decided to forget to put the silly things in the wash after going through the majority of them now, they're stuck in the dryer, with Kimmie asleep. Blah
It's another beautiful day out, but a touch on the windy side.
With all the nice weather, I've taken up roller-blading, and am having a great time with it. Haven't gotten the courage to go too awefully fast though, certainly no faster than D can ride his trike. Someday. :o]
Am hoping to sink my hands on to a family Waterslides pass this year. I'm anticipating that with the building of the approach for the new bridge, that the lake is gonna be very dirty this year, so I'm planning to stay in cholorinated water if I can.
We shall see what happens though.
I've applied for a loan up at Peace Hills Trust, and it sounded pretty promising. I'm hoping Chances friend Sarene (he actually came to D's birthday party with his son), can work miracles, and get me a loan to buy out the Expedition (he said it was easier that way, that way he could have something for collateral), and get out of this new truck deal.
Here's to Hope.

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