Saturday, April 30, 2005


...For the week in review.
Went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and got my battery exchanged, exchanged the coffee pot, went to the Sally-Ann and got a couple of cool things, got my loan stuff in, only to find that it's not feasable, did mega laundry to keep up with the soppies, tidied, tiedied, and tidied some more, and heard nothing but curse words from Kimmie about how dirty and dumpy this place looked, took D potty millions of times (or at least it fell like it), managed to re-stock my emergency kit and pack it back into the truck after cleaning it out from the dusties left over from 4x4-ing last weekend, and got some good sleep in here and there.
So, now I feel utterly exhausted, and just plain tired of everything, and I really want to cry, but don't feel like I have the energy to do even that.
I feel completely alone, and maybe even abandoned, and desperate, and really tired.
I guess I applied for a job last month for something regarding inverntory. I can't remember applying for it, but they called me on Friday, so I'll be giving them a call on Monday to see about an interview. Maybe if I pick up another job, my husband will appreciate me more, and respect me more.
Wishful thinking.

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Anonymous said...

I really feel for all of you...wish I could help in some way. Words of encouragement and praise are all I have at this point, so hang in there Amber. Shit washes off and urine dilutes with water. As for men, by no fault of their own, they are in their own worlds, fighting their private battles alone. As women, we are forced to fight ours openly. Don revealed this epiphany to me last week, "I don't think deeply at all. I barely think about what's going to happen today." Plans? That's requires thought about something off in the distance. He lives in the here and times, it's maddening. Other times, I feel sadness that he doesn't have a for Chance, it's possible the vision is lost due to all the waiting for immigration...we often times regress when we're under stress. It's difficult to offer what we can't even conjure for ourselves. Patience is truly a virtue.