Saturday, September 11, 2004

Halfway Through

September is almost halfway through already...time is flying.
I need to start Chrsitmas shopping man.
An update on the last 2 weeks.
Ou rocmputer hasn't been working right, for a while I couldn't check email or post on my blog because it wouldn't let me. I noticed tonight that it's working fine. IN-teresting.
Lastnight went to see Resident Evil 2. Was awesome, and I screamed and jumped a lot. I took my friends' daughter with me, and had a girls night out. got home round 10:30 or so. Was bored, stayed up and watched some movies, then headed to bed round 12:30.
Didn't work last weekend because I knocked myself out. Literally.
Took Ni and D and Chance to Spacewalkers cause Ni was leaving the next day, and we were playing tag, and as I ran full tilt to try and catch Ni, I didn't duck low enough to get into a tunnel, and hit the top of my head on the edge of the darned thing. Heard all the boned in my neck pop, then hit the mat behind me, and blacked out for a few moments. Came to holding my head, and almost cursing before I remembered where I was. Had a hard time moving my head, and my back and shoulders hurt the next day, so i called in sick. I got her machine (it WAS 6:30 in the am). I left a message and curled up with D to finish Sesame Street.
She called me back at 8 and asked why I hadn't called her to tell her I wouldn't be in. I said I did, then she says oh yeah, I remember the phone ringing. Then she asks, why didn't you leave a message, I said I did, and I said to call me back so I could explain what happened. She said there was no message.
You would think that I would clue in...the last 2 times I've called in to say I couldn't make it, she never got the message from her machine. I should've called back again.
In any event, because I was a no show that day, she called someone else in for the rest of the weekend. So, I didn't work last weekend, or even until Wednesday where I only worked a half day. I'm working again this weekend, all better now.
Had an exciting week I spose. Time at home to heal up, and clean up since mom and Kimmie have been gone on vacation again.
Been hard pressed to keep those dishes pondering getting that dishwasher fixed as a X-mas gift.
Haven't been doing much really, trying to make life livable, and bearable. Keeping my focus on D.
He's such a joy. He says "excuse me" now, and am working to get him potty trained.
The daycare has expanded their Toddler program, and have made a new room which Darius gets to be in. Same person/persons taking care of him, except not as crowded. If it ever was.
He's happy with daycare again, and when I went to pick him up on Thursday, I spent a half an hour trying to coax him to leave. We were playing when I asked him for a kiss. He gave me my smoochie, and promptly said "Bye-bye" and turned around walked away, and continued playing.
Went grocery shopping this last week, and spent 98 dollars on just snacks and the like for Darius. Holy schmoley.
Got my bills paid, and am saving movey for gas this month. Doing pretty good budgeting myself, and am rather proud of it. I've gotten a lot accomplished over this last week and a half...

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