Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Whew, Thank Goodness THAT's done!

Wow, that was a busy October! Thanksgiving, a surprise Birthday Party, a weekend in Washington, a passing in the family, a Halloween bash in Clearwater. It just doesn't stop!
I'll start with my birthday weekend. It was wonderful that I had a small handful of friends and family join us for a weekend surprise party. I felt totally schmo-ish with the outfit I was in, but at least I was showered ;-) Card Games, Food & Movies, my kinda weekend.
The week following we got word that another family member had passed on. With this we took off to Washington. This news was devastating, and enough to throw us into schock for at least another week. Once the shock wore off a bit we were able to proccess our thoughts on the situation, and put our feelings into words. This included the action we will take in the wake, and I'm asking everyone to cross their fingers that this proccess will go quickly, and that the person we feel is responsible will be brought to justice.
We spent this last weekend in Clearwater with friends, and joined in on another birthday party/Halloween party. I slaved for four days on my costume (a modest belly dancer), and in the end won first prize at the party :oD
The kids had a blast in their first ever store-bought Halloween Costumes. They loved them so much it was difficult getting them out of them so I could wash them (after 3 nights sleeping in them I put my foot down) and mend them (tears happen easily in store-bought stuff). Instead of a costume party at school, they had a "Black & Orange" day. It was fun watchign the kids participate in all of the games, and helping out the teachers with each one. It was quieter than I expected at home while handing out candy. I'm thinkin next year I'll go with votive candles for my jar luminaries as well, rather than tea lights as they'll be easier to light.
This coming weekend we're headed to Kelowna to enjoy a weekend with family to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Yikes, not really sure how that happened, but really feels like I blinked & missed it. Good thing I've blogged about it all, or I wouldn't have a clue what we'd done in those 10 years! LOL
For the US Thanksgiving we'll be headed to Washington once again to enjoy a dinner put on by my MIL. We've invited nearly everyone we know (or at least it feels like it) and are expecting a pretty decent turn out.
Mr has been hired by the local School District, and I've applied there myself. So, at least things are getting underway here. Let's hope all this hype is worth something in the end.

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My expressions LIVE said...

Your looking good as ever. Thankful for friends like you...xoxox

Osbasso said...

Love your costume!

In spite of the latest death, it sounds like things are going well for you! So very glad to hear it!