Monday, November 14, 2011

That's My Answer

Indigo @ That's My Answer asks:
My husband has a man cave, it’s where all his video games are and I liken it to a woman’s sewing or craft room. Does your man have a man cave?

He's putting his together slowly but surely. Expected improvements to come by Christmas are a larger tv with sattelite and some new video games + controllers. He also has a small "workshop" in our storage room in the basement where he works on his chainsaws.

We've gone for about two years now without cable or sattelite in our home, enjoying movies & Netflix immensely. We have a large DVD collection, and also borrow frequently from our local libraries. With it being Hockey season, and me taking more of an interest in it, I'm hoping to gain sattelite access or possibly something from online that will allow me to watch ALL Vancouver Canucks games in the near future.
Hopefully we'll be getting some new group player games & controllers to go with our game systems soon as well. I'm hoping, also, to collect video game systems to add to our already large stash.
On a side note, I think it would be wonderful to add to Mr's tool collection. Is that weird?

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