Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hurry Up & Wait

Well, we are now living in Salmon Arm. What a month it's been. Busy busy busy, and seriously felt like there weren't enough hours in the day.
We're moved & settled, and both boys are in school. I didn't do anything but well up when we took H to Kindergarten for the first time. They've adjusted well enough, in the school of 74 students that we've enrolled them in.
I've somehow managed to be the first with a cold this year...or maybe it's a sinus infection.

D's goldfish Goldie died earlier this week, after a run of two years with him. He was replaced with a Teddy Bear Hamster, named Peachie.

I've filed for EI, and received all neccesary documentation to not have to work for the next three months. A relief to me, because I still don't feel ready to work.

I'm plagued by constant nightmares, flashbacks, and uncomfortable questions. I have been suffering from sleep disruptance, constant waking & sudden starts.

After many attempts to get myself services, I'm still awaiting call backs. Ahh, this song & dance again.

I hurried up and now I'm waiting.

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Osbasso said...

Are you all together again?

Keep busy. Stay positive. Keep us up to date! Hugs!