Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm feeling good tonight. No, it's not because I'm into a bottle of whatever's at hand...more just because I feel good.
I discussed my issues w/Mr, and have taken steps at work that I'm really happy with. I'm contemplating adding another job to my current list, but we'll see yet whether or not that will work out. I'm popping up for air while I'm swimming in training manuals, videos, and writing theory papers for no one but myself.
I'm looking at taking some time this year to continuing my education either with the Early Childhood Education, or persuing the field of Nursing, which has piqued my interest of late. The thought of persuing any sort of degree scares the hell outta me, because it means commitment in the long run. I know that once I start, I won't stop until it's completed.
I'm considering the future, which is a good thing. I see more and more how these periods are getting shorter and shorter. The dark moods, that is. When I'm in them it feels like forever, but them there's light from somewhere and I come out of it, and everything's okay again for a while.
I've arranged a ladies night tomorrow evening at my house. Invited a mix of all the ladies I know, and am really looking foreward to some good laughs and general ranting & raving that'll remind me that I'm not so alone in the universe. Just what I need!

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