Monday, January 10, 2011

Mobile Uploads 2010 Favs

I've spent a significant amount of time over the past three days working on clearing off my old computer, and moving it all onto my External Hard Drive. That also means I've been transferring a lot of photos to my Flickr account as well. Something I'm guilty of not attempting since last August. This also means I've loaded all of my Mobile Pix from my hotmail to my drive as's a few of my fav shots...

H, sitting next to a baby cow in Little Fort this past spring. --->

<---I wonder how many of my readers will catch this refrence?

We live so close to the school, but we started practicing the walk early. The boys will be walking by themselves next year...woulnd't you love to see this as you drive by a school?--->

<---My beautiful cousin's newest familial addition. He's got the longest fingers I've ever seen on a baby, must be pre-destined to be a great piano player :o)

Mr has been working very hard to fit in comfortably with my family ever since he met them. He spent a significant amount of time fishing this summer, and though he never caught anything worth bringing home to three extra mouths, it certainly doesn't mean he never caught anything at all.--->

<--- While Mr was fishing, the kids & I visited my Gramma, and walked to the local convenience store to grab a treat for ourselves and occupy our time. BTW, this is the only Subway between Jasper & Kamloops if you ever happen to travel Hwy 5 North.

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