Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm sad to say that I quit my job today.
I feel ill, and have that awful pit in my stomach, that I'm hoping will fade in due time.
I also feel sad because I loved my job. All that being said, I won't sacrifice my emotional well being for someone who has no respect for those they employ.
I'll blog about it later, I have a Christmas shindig at a family members house to attend. I just hope I can make it through the day without another embarrassing break down.

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nwrambler said...

Now where am I supposed to get my bannock?

Take Care of You!

nwrambler said...

To clarify - I am concerned enough that an employer would treat you in such a way as to entice you to make this decision, that I can not, in good conscious, continue to support their establishment - regardless of the quality of the products they produce and serve.

Let me know where you land.

only a movie said...

Too bad about your job, Amber! best wishes for a new one...!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the shindig!

Anonymous said...

Amber...hope all works out with you...seems like you just might be better off now having quit..keep your spirits up!!


Jason said...

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Nietha said...

Sorry to hear the job didn't work out. Stay positive - new year, new opportunities around the corner!