Monday, August 22, 2005

Up and Coming

So, we've had a Mommy/Darius trip this month, a family reunion, a Niamh vacation at our ho use, and are now preparing for a mummie birthday.
Busy month.
With all the driving, and work, and going's on I'm beginning to feel a little worn out, but I'm sure it's nothin a couple of good nights of sleep won't cure.
We've been playing games, and teaching Niamh how to cook, and just in general being busy like a family should be.
Had a blast the other night. Went out with my friend Laurie. Went to Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club, and had a really good night. Started off at her place, visiting with her daughter and man, and then went for a walk downtown, and grabbed a bite to eat, then comedy club, casino, nightclub, then back to the casino to meet back up with mom. Long day/night, but was really fun.
So, the month is flowing nicely.
I got a raise at work...a whoppin 50 cents, yay me!
Am pondering the working's of the world today...

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